Do you know all the dog safety tips for summer heat

Georgie, our little guy, loved to float on water!

Much is said recently regarding the safety of pets during the hot summers. As humans we all prepare for the temperature changes – dressing lightly, preventing insects and bites, wearing sunscreen and doing whatever it takes to keep cool.  Sweating in fact is a way for our bodies to cool themselves off.  Dogs on the otherhand need us to think for them and protect them in these hot temps. They do not sweat and cannot help themselves the way we can.

There are many canine fatalities each year due to excessive heat. Dogs overheat very quickly and because they do not sweat, they are limited in cooling themselves off other than panting.  I have written several summer related articles which can be extrememly helpful in caring for yout pets during excessive heat –

I know this is a lot of reading but these articles contain little tips that can save your dog’s life through the hot summer season.  I have also written articles on parasite protection and prevention, hiking with your dogs at this time of year and beyond as well as barbecue safety during family picnics.  Happy reading and keep your pets safe and cool throughout the seasons.

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