Meet My Chihuahua Clan

A real ham!

Georgie loves to float in the pool

Georgie is the youngest of our clan, the most loving, laid back adorable Chihuahua pup. He loves all people, goes with the flow, wants to play 24/7, rarely barks and is just a joy, so much so that we have to frisk everyone who visits our home. All our family, friends and visitors alike just fall in love with him and threaten to take him from us. I found this little guy online, weighing in at a hefty 1-1/2 lbs and traveled 900 miles to get him . . . The best car trip I ever made!

          CeCe is our oldest Chihuahua, just turning 11 years old on the first of August. Because of her larger size (due to his dad’s bigger size), she has been on weight loss and weight management foods to provide for her a better healthy life. Unfortunately, she has been diagnosed with a heart murmur when very young and has just recently been upgraded to more serious during her senior years. Although a dog can live a long, happy life while afflicted with a heart murmur, we are faced with situations that make us sad to think we may lose CeCe sooner than the 15 or so years (typical lifespan of a Chihuahua). Seems she is losing control of the bladder.  All we can do is love her and work with our vet to provide the best life for her while with us and hope the final day is nowhere near. (Sad to say, her final day was late December 2011. It was a sad day for us all. Miss you, CeCe)

rosie-712015-10December 2015 – This is an update to above post, one of probably many. Our sweet Teena is no longer here with us either, as she became very sick and left us nearly a year ago. In the meantime, we have also adopted a feisty long-hair Chihuahua named Rosie – so, needless to say, Georgie has been promoted as the elder of the two. Rosie can be very lovable and adores people, but she can be a little picky when it comes to other animals in and around the home. Second in seniority means nothing as she is truly the alpha dog. But we love her dearly!

Teena on her throne!

All dressed up and no where to go!


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