About Me

A queen, princess and the prince

These 3 little darlings fill our lives with much joy

I am a senior-aged woman with many skills under my belt. I began a career in business administration, had a family of four children, now grown and have retired as a school bus driver. That was my job while raising my family. When the kids were young, I also ran a licensed daycare from my home. We all know the cost of daycare and going out to work was not feasible . . . Until I was able to work in the school system after my children were all of school age.

My passion for animals had gone way back when I was a child myself. When I was on my own, I adopted my first Chihuahua. I had no furniture but a floor, a mattress, and blow-up chairs. I needed a companion more than I needed furniture. The rest is history. I worked in shelters and with vets to care for animals in need. I have done pet sitting and went to school to become a professional dog groomer, which I have done, out of my home for the past 25++ years.

I have always loved to write ever since I was a child as well and in recent years combined both passions of animals and writing to pursue my freelance writing career.  I recently graduated from the Long Ridge Writers Group – “getting into print” to continue the distant dream of writing online, for pet magazines and papers. My goal is to be the “Dear Abby” of the pet world and help pet parents and animal lovers better understand and care for their pets. My most recent endeavor is my new position as a junior journalist for Blastingnews.com. Here you can view some of the news information I share with my readers and would love for you to sign up for Blasting News (which is free) and follow me to receive notice when new articles are posted.

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