Shelter Dogs Need Forever Homes

6918143325_af855fc2e6_zWhen in search of a new animal companion to fill a family void, many people forget the benefits of choosing a shelter dog. Everyone wants a sweet, cuddly puppy (or kitty) and ignore the fact that so many pets are left in shelters without a loving home and family. According to studies by the Humane Society, 6 to 8 million animals end up in shelters in the United States alone. Half of those poor souls are euthanized.

The vast number of euthanized animals are adoptable pets that never had a chance. Since most shelters are overcrowded and animals not adopted, many healthy young pets are killed just to make room for more. Lives are saved through adoption rather than choosing to purchase an animal from a breeder. Buying pets from breeders, online or in pet shops often promotes excessive breeding of the animals and often puppy mill animals. Evidently, there is a big difference between working with a responsible breeder as opposed to online resources such as Craigslist or going to a pet shop.  They have to acquire their pets from outside resources which are too often from pup4473066961_ab18e40410_zpy mills. According to animal advocates, whether the animal comes from a “reputable” breeder or not, there are indeed too many pets, many that often end up in shelters for one reason or another. Subsequently, there are many benefits of adopting a shelter dog (or cat.)

There is an overpopulation issue regarding pets in America and Worldwide. Studies have revealed that if people would not treat their companion animals as being disposable, if all pets would be spayed or neutered and more pets adopted from shelters, there would be a minor concern with overpopulation. Local shelters and communities need to work together for the welfare of the animals, reducing or significantly eliminating shelter killings.

You can realize the benefits in adopting a shelter dog (or cat) while also saving a life. So 4788419522_30f2e95627_zmany of these animals make exceptional companions because they are so hungry for the love and attention of an owner. Shelter dogs always undergo a thorough medical exam and are spayed or neutered before being adopted. The majority of shelters ensure the animal is microchipped for safety reasons. All are also socialized and trained to fit within a family unit. Not only are you giving a deserving pet a great home, but you are also making space for another pet in need of a permanent home at the shelter.  In addition to dogs, other animals can be found in shelters such as cats, bunnies, hamsters, birds, guinea pigs, reptiles and more. With a lot of research, on a continual basis, you can find that particular animal to make a connection with and provide the love, care, and companionship it deserves. Give a good home to a needy shelter dog, cat or other pet, rescuing the animals and providing them a new chance in life.

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