Dogs for Gifts Can Bring Joy And Stress

There is nothing more heartwarming than to see the smile on the face of a child as a cute little puppy, kitty or other pet peaks out of a festively wrapped present. Whether it is a gift under the Christmas tree or a bunny or chick for Easter, it is an excellent gift with good intentions, but in reality, ca11179459385_59dac13bfe_zn result in stress and tragedy for the animal.

Dogs for Christmas and other companion animals are a wonderful addition to the family but doing so amidst the holiday festivities is a tremendous responsibility. A pet received as a gift during such a hectic occasion can often be tossed aside and forgotten while getting into the holiday traditions. If you want to bring a pet into a family home, there are some safer options than having a live animal popping out of a box wrapped with a big red bow.

Imagine a child surrounded by tons of gifts left by Santa under the tree and one of those gifts is a new, living pet. The opening of the live gift may bring a huge smile and then the pet is tossed aside when opening the next, favored toy or two or three. The animal is as quickly forgotten as it was cherished moments ago. Dogs for Christmas can be an endearing choice but instead of wrapping up the live animal, consider these other options that are safer, yet as welcome as the real thing:

  • Anyone receiving a pet prefers to pick it out personally. Choose to wrap a gift certificate from a local shelter or breeder of choice. Never purchase a pet from a pet shop or store that most often gets the animals from puppy mills or negligent breeders.
  • If you do have a special pet in mind, arrange picking it up after the holidays when festivities are over and the environment calm. Take several pictures of that pet and include it in a package with possible necessities that can include a collar, some toys, food, and water dish, along with other fun items for the new animal.

The same considerations should apply when deciding on a pet gift for other holidays, whether it be a bunny or chick for Easter or a special birthday present. Never opt to give an animal as a gift for any occasion. An animal is a living, breathing creature that deserves personal love and attention, particularly since it is a new family member. A gift certificate can go a long way in bringing joy while having the option to shop and choose the perfect pet and all its accessories.23540586454_e1cef64bbf_z.jpg

Another thing to consider when deciding on adding a pet to the family is the expense and responsibility involved with that animal. Any pet demands time and responsible love and care. If you are getting the pet for a child, is the youngster old enough to know how to care for it and meet all its requirements? Pets can be expensive when considering food, bed, blankets, leash and/or collar, a crate for safety and security, grooming expenses, boarding the pet or getting a sitter when out of town, and veterinary care. Aside from the monetary cost, a pet needs to be exercised, played with and fed. Is your gift recipient ready to take on those responsibilities? If the answer is yes, ensure you choose the safest method of bringing that animal into the home other than sticking it in a box under the tree. Consider the welfare of the animal as well as the joy of the recipient.



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