Tips on How to Prevent Dog Bites

800px-rottweiler_portrait-wiki-by-pedroo-simoesYou may know your dog well and never expect it to have any aggressive tendencies. However, there is no way to predict what any dog will do if it feels threatened or teased. Dogs that are ill or injured can bite the hand that feeds them as well.  You would never expect your pet to hurt and bite you, but it can happen in the heat of a moment, only to snuggle up to you the next.

It is not as uncommon as people think but why would a dog turn on its owner?  It is usually out of play, if your dog gets overly excited, or it can happen out of fear when it is hurt or ill.  A loving pet never intentionally bites those he loves.  It is a typical quick reaction without purpose. A dog bit can be powerful although the fearful or playful bite is not a full force bite.

You can attempt to stop your dog from biting. The first step is in recognizing why it happens. Most often it is due to your inattentiveness.  As a responsible, caring pet owner, you are aware of the effects of abuse, something you would never do as it understandably leads to violent reactions from your dog. When playing with your dog, stop the play time when it seems your dog is getting overly excited and anxious, since he or she may bite at the toy, getting you instead.  If your pet does bite, say “No bite” in a firm voice and stop playing momentarily until the dog calms down.

If your dog is severely ill or injured, be cautious in handling your pet while giving him plenty of love and attention.  Get someone to help you in such a situation.  Just realize your dog does not understand what he is feeling and may bite out of fear. Get assistance from your veterinarian regarding proper handling of your pet and provide the help it requires while gaining its trust.  A loving pet never intends to hurt its pet parent and caretaker. If you are aware of the signs, you can help your dog through such impulsive behavior without intent.

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