Tips to Remember in Caring for your dog

399px-cavalier-king-charlesAs a dog owner, there is always much more to learn about caring properly for your pet. For most, a dog is a member of the family and spoiled rotten; and so they should be.  At least, spoil your pup within reason; no individual settings at the dinner table or anything that could cause harm.

These are just some friendly reminders for the avid responsible dog owner; questions or concerns you may have.  First off, water is a number one necessity for dogs.  All dogs should drink between 20 and 40 ml of water per pound of dog weight each day.  In layman’s terms, that is 3 to 4 cups of water for a 20-pound dog.  Dogs fed a canned food may require less than those strictly on dry food since the canned varieties contain a high percentage of water. So, the next question may be – can a dog drink too much water?  The response here is that, if your dog regularly drinks a lot, it is no problem.  If your dog suddenly starts drinking much more than usual, it may be a sign of illness such as diabetes or kidney disease.

Another concern of most pet parents is dog obesity.  As many as 25 to 40 percents of household pets are obese, which is extremely unhealthy for your pet.  Among many other problems, obesity on a dog causes a lot of strain on that tiny little heart. If your dog’s abdomen protrudes from the sides or has fatty areas on the sides of the tail or hips, your pup may need to shed some pounds. Obese dogs seem to waddle when they walk as well.  Your dog may appear to be a happy dog, but he or she does not know what is best.  Besides heart difficulties, obesity can lead to depression, joint pain, and other complications.

Obesity occurs from too much food and not enough exercise for your pet. Consult your doctor or pet store staff member for low-calorie dog food choices comprised of natural ingredients.  Along with a diet change and decrease in food, it is necessary to increase the exercise regimen according to the breed of dog and its age.  Training can include play time such as tossing around a ball, Frisbee or favorite toy for a game of fetch along with daily walks.

Even while providing a healthy diet for your dog, it does not mean you cannot spoil him or her with an occasional treat. There are healthy alternatives for treating your dog such as fresh baby carrots, tiny piece of fresh fruits or other vegetables along with providing low-fat dog snacks. Treating your dog has nothing to do with quantity so half a treat will bring a lot of joy to your pet. It is all in the thought and quality time together.

Responsible pet owners want to do the best for their pets, and that means you.  Spoil your dog and provide all its necessities as long as you have its health and best interest at heart.

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