Adopting a Senior Chihuahua Can Save a Life

If you are looking to adopt another Chihuahua, don’t forget such places as the Chihuahua rescue organizations. Many of those orphaned dogs are seniors who are very deserving of love and a home.  Many homeless pets in shelters are just hoping and waiting for the right family to come along. Of course, before you go to adopt a new pet, you have some major decisions to make. What age dog, what size, do you want a very laid back dog that is good with children, an active dog, or one that just lies aroundchichi_chihuahua-senior-dog-by-tazer and cuddles?

When it comes to age, most people opt for the adorable little puppies and young dogs. That is great as they sure do need a loving home and companionship. You, unfortunately, pass by the senior dogs. Most people feel the older dog is not “worth the money” because the animal’s lifespan is shorter. But there can be many benefits to a more mature dog. They deserve to find loving homes too, don’t you think? Don’t they deserve a high-quality life for their remaining years?

There can be many reasons an older dog(s) can end up in a shelter. Maybe there the previous owner has passed on, and there is no one else to take the dog which is sorrowful. The former family has lost their job, home or is moving to a new home not allowing a dog. Maybe there is an illness or a divorce in the household, and the dog is given up either because of the expense of caring for it or “it is in the way” and given up. There are many unfortunate situations where the family pet is given up which I am sure in most cases is tough.

Adopting a senior pet has its perks. The dog is already housebroken and in the majority of the cases a very loving companion with a predictable temperament. These dogs that were used to a family situation before getting displaced are perfect for a new family that wants a dog to love and be loved. A senior dog could be the perfect companion for a senior citizen. No need to go through housebreaking the new buddy and the exercise and activity levels of these dogs are lower than that of a younger dog.

There are other benefits to adopting an older dog beside the housebreaking issues such as no problems with teething; older dogs are more focused and mellow. They comprehend what “no” really means, they can quickly settle into their new environment, loaded with lots of love as your new adoptee is so grateful for the second chance you have given it.  As a senior pet, they do not make as many demands on you as a puppy would.  They are accustomed to personal schedules and sleep well at night. The senior dog makes an excellent companion.

If you are looking to add a new member to your family, give great consideration to saving the life of a senior aging dog. Your love and companionship will be so greatly appreciated and returned unconditionally.


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