The many “firsts” of a new puppy

Rosie in one of her FIRST baths

Rosie in one of her FIRST baths

Rosie at her first vet visit

Rosie at her first vet visit

How exciting it is when you get a new puppy.  Along with the excitement comes great responsibility in caring for that new life; your new canine family member.  Whenever you add a new member to your home, it is necessary to know the care needed which includes great medical care at a Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or another vet closest to your home.

Just as it is with a new bay, there is also many “firsts” in the lives of a puppy.  These little guys grow up so fast, giving you such little time to enjoy all their antics, fun and the joy they provide.  As they develop, you can also experience the joys of their first experience such as their first teeth.  A puppy seems to come out teething on anything and everything it can get a hold of.  To get your pup through the teething process, provide it with appropriate chew toys.  When it nibbles on something inappropriate, gradually introduce something more suitable to meet the teething needs.  In many cases, freezing toys or providing ice is a satisfying chew toy to numb the puppy’s gums that provides temporary relief from pain while satisfying its teething needs.

If the puppy continues to bite on your fingers, toes or other body parts discourage the behavior by yelping loudly to let it know the biting hurt you and is not permitted.  Stop playing and ignore your puppy for several minutes.  The puppy will realize that playtime should not include hurtful biting or there will be no playing and puppy certainly does not want that. Then replace the biting with a permissible chew toy to play with.

An impressive first for your puppy is learning its first command.  Puppies have short attention spans and learning a command is a great accomplishment.  Some of the most important behaviors to teach besides sit and down include come and stay; important first for the safety of any puppy.  If puppy gets away from you, you need to know it will return when you command it to come.  Puppies are very intelligent and eager to learn but require a lot of patience on your part.  So why not first teach your puppy the commands necessary for its safety.

To give your puppy a good start in life, you want to be sure to choose the best first food.  Most often, it is best to provide the same food it was fed prior to coming into your life.  If you want to choose a better, healthier food such as Eukanuba puppy or any other all-natural puppy foods for your baby, do so gradually.  You don’t want to put your puppy’s system in shock.

Puppies add a lot of joy to your life and you should cherish every moment and every first. All you do will help your baby to grow up strong, healthy, loving and happy.


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