Easter bunnies and dog hazards

Waiting for my Easter treats, please!!

Waiting for my Easter treats, please!!

Warmer weather and all signs of spring are fast approaching with the onset of the glorious Easter season. Thoughts soon sway to spring cleaning, home improvements and Easter celebrations, which can become hazardous for your furry canine.  As you get wrapped up in your Easter egg hunts and baskets of goodies, remember to take precautions for a pet-safe holiday.  The friendly staff at your local Rockford-area Petsmart or Petco as listed below or one closest to your home can help you provide some fun and pet-safe Easter gift ideas for your dog or cat.


Having a fun and safe holiday is just a matter of being mindful about the hazards that can affect your dog or any other pet in the home.  Some of the most common things to consider are –


  • Easter Lilies and other flowers that are beautiful and can symbolize spring, purity, hope and life, a symbol of the season.  They can also be very aromatic as well.  Unfortunately, inquisitive pets may find these plants inviting as they nibble on the toxic leaves and flowers.  Such curiosity may cause illness while it can be fatal for some pets.  It is best to place these plants away from the bored dog or curious cat.
  • Be extremely cautious when it comes to a child’s Easter basket.  Not only does it contain goodies like candy, especially chocolate that is very toxic to pets, the grass, plastics, foils and other materials in that basket can lure a pet to examine and possibly consume these items.  Chocolate candy can be fatal to pets as well as small hard candies that could lead to choking, not to mention causing illness in your pet.  Such things like the Easter grass, if ingested, could actually cause a blockage or perforation within the intestines and require surgical intervention.  During the celebration, it is best to monitor the kids with their baskets while preventing your pets from accessing anything therein that could put a real damper on your holidays along with pain or worse for your pet.

Holidays should be fun and festive for all.  It is Okay to put bunny ears on your pets, take pictures, buy the dog or cat their own “Easter” gifts and treats but be sure to prevent any exposure to the kids goodies, and other items that bring you pleasure.  Decorate the home with bunnies and flowers, enjoy the holiday meal and plan the egg-hunt as long as you keep your pet’s safety in mind.  Your dog is a member of the family and should be included in all festivities as long as the environment is pet-proofed and fun for all concerned.



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