When Your Dog Gets Diarrhea and Vomits

It is sad when your dog is ill.  This happened to our little Chihuahua, Georgie, recently.  This is a little guy that wags his tail 24/7 (except when he sleeps) and his favorite past time is being a “retriever” of his favorite toy.


However, a few weeks ago, he began to vomit and then proceeded to have a huge case of diarrhea.  It was so bad that he began to pass blood in the stool due to the irritation of the intestines and anus from the continual bowel movements.


Being experienced with this sort of thing, I immediately put him on the bland diet of boiled white rice and chicken – then switched to ground meat.  Nothing was working. He couldn’t keep anything down.  I knew something serious was going on.  Hi ho, hi ho, off to the vet we go.  I was terrified though because this was not the pup we knew.  He would sniff his puppy toy and walk away, tail was down and he didn’t want to eat at this point.


I have a great vet who was able to squeeze me in first thing in the morning on Monday.  As you know, all emergencies seem to happen on weekends.  Of course, the vet wanted a stool sample.  Sure, no problem; he has nothing left in is little system and try as I may, he would not go for me.


I was given meds for him to stop the vomiting, anti-biotics and probiotics to sprinkle on his food.  Problem is, he couldn’t keep anything down so there goes the medications.  I did get him to lick some honey from my fingers to keep up his blood sugar and gave him a couple of pieces of banana.  He finally did have a small bowel movement so I went back to the vet in the afternoon.  Sure enough, it was a bacterial infection of the stomach and intestines, a problem that has affected many dogs at this time due to unusual, unseasonable weather this past year.


I proceeded with the banana and honey a couple of times a day and a tiny portion of the bland diet until his stomach settled down, holding off on the meds temporarily.  The next day I was able to start with the meds, giving him the antibiotic first and then the food to be sure it all stayed down and now the rest is history.


Georgie thankfully is back to normal.  Even all the staff at the vet’s office could not believe this is our little Georgie since he has captured all their hearts.  As much as we sometimes get frustrated that he wants to play fetch every waking moment, we are so grateful that he is back to normal.  There is no scarier feeling than to know your pet is sad, ill and lethargic.  A happy dog is a healthy dog and I couldn’t be happier!

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