Time to prepare for Fleas, Ticks and Heartworm Prevention for Your Dogs

Most people do not consider protecting the pets from fleas, ticks and heartworm disease unless you live in an area that is beautiful (and infested year round). The best you can do for your dog’s safety is prevent these nasty pests on a continual basis. The residual effects of fleas and ticks, as well as the annoying mosquito can remain way beyond the warm seasons.

Much has been written on this topic and I would like to share with you some of my all important articles on these subjects – do not ignore protecting your dog from these pests, especially mosquitoes and their spread of the deadly heartworm disease. Read – http://pet-health.knoji.com/facts-about-immiticide-and-heartworm-preventatives-for-canine-heartworm/

Information about flea protection –  http://www.examiner.com/chihuahua-in-rockford/are-ingredients-flea-medications-toxic-for-your-dog

Your dogs are more than pets – they are your best friends, your canine family members. They deserve to be protected from the dangers that comes with beautiful, hot, humid (or not) warm weather. It could literally be a matter of life and death for your precious animals.

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