Have a Safe and Fun Easter With Your Pets

Happy Easter to all – including your precious pets. Along with the most important and spiritual reasons for this holiday – and it may be different for everyone – there are fun festivities that make it a special day. We have the Easter baskets filled with Easter grass, chocolate bunnies, candies and more as well as the beautiful scent of the spring flowers. There are, however, some precautions you need to take to protect your pets from these festive symbols of the season.

Remember the dangers of chocolate to your pets and keep this and all human treats out of the reach of your pets.

Easter lilies and other Spring flowers are very toxic to pets that think they can “munch” on anything they find interesting.

Easter grass can be disastrous for pets if swallowed. The grass will not disintegrate and can tie up your pet’s intestines, requiring surgery. This little fun accessory to an Easter basket can b life threatening.

Enjoy your holidays by making it safe for the entire family, including your pets. Children and pets rely on us for their safety and fun. A few extra precautions will provide a happy time for the whole family and friends. Happy Easter – Happy Spring.


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