Halloween safety tips you should consider for your pets

Halloween can get very hectic

Georgie as a Panda Bear

decorations, costumes and all that candy. You plan parties and get the
kids ready for the big day though the pets seem to be forgotten. Halloween is a
is a time for the thrills and shrills of the monsters and ghosts for children
and many adults. The decorations can be phenomenal and getting dressed up in
favorite costumes helps in our world of make-believe. I am not so sure our pets
are as excited about getting all dressed up. I have to say it depends on your
pooch. I know mine are not jumping up and down for joy, but there are some tips
you can follow to be sure Halloween is safe and fun for all.

CeCe as Count Chocula

  • If you do want to dress up your pup,
    make it something fun but not restricting. Avoid outfits that are too tight or
    heavy and hot, causing your dog to overheat.
  • Most often hats and hoods are not very
    welcome to a pet and can stress them out or make them withdrawn.
  • If your dog is a high energy pet, choose
    a costume with few pieces as he/she will end up figuring out a way to get out
    of the outfit. That could be frustrating for both of you, trying to put it back
    on over and over again. Additionally, if it is too big, your dog could trip and
    get injured. You also want to be sure your dog can easily relieve itself when
    necessary without the costume getting in the way.
  • Do not put an outfit on your dog that
    has small loose pieces that he/she could chew and possibly choke on.
  • Cats are not fond of the whole Halloween
    thing and getting dressed up, so allow kitty to find his/her own place of
    solace and solitude until it is over. They certainly do not appreciate getting
    dressed up.

Aside from costumes, there are many other tips to follow regarding

Teena as "Lil Miss Scary"

Halloween safety around your pets. There are an increasing number of pet
accidents and injuries each year. The reality is that we as pet parents can
take steps to prevent these incidents.

  • Number one is to keep any and all candy
    out of the reach of your pets. Hide all candy and be sure to dispose of all candy
    wrappers as well. If the pup wants a treat, have separate tiny doggy treats
    handy for his/her own “candy.” Just don’t overdo it.
  • Take precautions when decorating. Keep
    any small parts out of the reach of pets and take care with lights and candles.
  • Have a safe hideaway for your pet if it
    gets startled from all the Halloween festivities. You want to keep your pets
    indoors away from dangers and near the security of their bed or special hiding
  • Keep your pets indoors for this holiday.
    Halloween is a primetime for many pranks and it is best not to subject your pet
    to unsafe conditions.
  • When kids come trick-or-treating, keep
    your pet leashed so it cannot escape out of the door. You can also keep them
    restrained to a certain room or their crates for their own safety. What we do
    is put up a baby gate right on the outside of the front door so when the kids
    come over, and we open the door, the pets are safe from getting outside. And
    the kids love to see them dressed up as well.
    Safety is the number one concern as well as fun for all.

There are many things about
Halloween that is not a favorite for your pets. Aside from wearing the dreaded
costumes, they get frightened by the sight of some of the trick-or-treaters,
the constant doorbell ringing, screaming kids and those kids getting all of
“their attention.”  Of course, our pets
have feelings and always want to be the center of our attention. We just want
to be sure, for holidays and always, keep the pets safe as many times they are
pushed aside during the busy hectic moments.



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