I’d like you to meet Bob and Tom, Affected with FIV But Living The Good Life

Bob and Tom were two tiny kittens, abandoned by their mom when only days old and rescued by my friend and neighbor. Their sister did not survive. These poor babies were not even weaned from momma and their eyes were crusted shut. Yet they were given a chance at life thanks to there new adoptive mom. She cared for them, fed them and tended to their eye problems until they could finally open their eyes and see who rescued them from the doomed life of the feral cat population. This was back in August, 2003 when they could fit in the palm of their adoptive momma’s hand.

As is necessary whenever a new pet enters the home, Bob and Tom were off the next day for their very first veterinary doctor’s visit for examinations, tests and vaccinations important for good health. Since they were in bad shape when coming to their new home, there was not way of knowing what the examination and tests would reveal. As it turned out, both Bob and Tom did have FIV which was probably passed on to them from their mom, a feral farm cat. Although it

Brotherly love

broke her heart, their new adoptive mom knew they deserved a chance. They were nursed to health, clearing up their eye condition, restoring a lustrous coat and optimal body weight.  These gorgeous, happy and playful cats are now a hefty 25 lbs each and loving the good life.

For a more complete article on FIV in cats, how cats can live a normal life with FIV, including Bob and Tom, go to http://factoidz.com/if-your-cat-has-fiv-can-your-cat-still-live-a-long-and-normal-life/.

Anyone who meets Bob and Tom fall in love with them both. They are two amazing cats who are deserving living a life of luxury.

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