Know The Telltale Signs of High PPH and Crystals in Your Dog’s Urine

Keep pup healthy from urinary problems

It is not unusual activity to take your dogs outside daily so that they can eliminate their bodily wastes. Sometimes, especially on cool mornings, the grass can be wet from dew. There is some speculation that when the wet grass is in contact with the dog’s private areas, the moisture remains there and harbors bacteria. This results most often in a urinary tract infection. Female dogs are more prone to urinary infections. This is due to the length of a female dog’s urethra which is shorter than the males, making it easier for bacteria to find its way to the dog’s bladder.

Such a situation has happened to my own dog in recent weeks. I noticed my dog was having accidents around the home unintentionally which set off red flags for me. While sitting on the couch, with my dog sleeping right beside me, I noted a wet spot on my clothes and the blanket covering the couch. She had lost control of her bladder, though it had no odor. My doctor was consulted and told me to get a urine sample which, when diagnosed, showed a high PH level as well as crystals in her urine. He proceeded to say that urinary tract infections have been of high occurrence in recent months and without immediate treatment the condition can seriously develop into bladder stones requiring surgery.

A high level of PH is a common incidence in dogs, along with a sign of small crystals which are known as Struvites. Sometimes there may also be traces of blood. Any of these signs is a cause for concern. Once your doctor has made a definitive diagnosis, proper treatment will be put into practice.  Depending on the type of infection is involved, medication will be prescribed.

If your dog does have high levels of PH in the urine, an antibiotic will be prescribed, usually once a day for a two week period. Along with the antibiotics, your veterinarian will advise you on the use of cranberry juice or V-8/tomato juice. Pour ¼ cup of the juice over your dog’s food each day, as my own vet stated, for the rest of your dog’s natural life. If your dog eats twice daily, split the juice portion between the two meals for a total of ¼ cup per day. Cranberry juice is a bit sour and many dogs would favor the vegetable juice over the fruit juice. The juice works to stop the bacteria from adhering to the bladder walls and growing there. The acidity prevents future infections.

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