Horrifying treatment of pets

Me and my best bud!!

I just discovered from a dear friend and fellow-freelancer that he had lost a home full of pets at the hands of someone he loved and devoted his life to. When I heard this news, it was something that one would think only happens on Television, watching pet abuse on Animal Planet. As an animal lover, I frequent this show and it infuriates me how people can abuse poor defenseless creatures.

My friend came home one evening to find his seven cats and three dogs poisoned and perished at the hands of his wife who was nowhere to be found. It came as a shock to this man who felt no immediate problem in his relationship that would lead to such a horrible outcome. I cannot wrap my mind around the actions of many people who involve the lives of children and pets when a relationship fails. Both children and pets have nothing to do with the failure, certainly to no fault of their own, and should not be the ones punished for the actions and feelings of the adults in the family unit. Can you imagine coming home to find your pets deceased in your home due to the actions of someone you once loved and shared a life with? The thought makes me hyperventilate.

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