There is no better love than that of a pet!

What a life!

Wouldn't we all love to be this lazy?!

We wouldn’t trade our little darlings for anything in the world. Georgie is almost 3, laying in the front and Teena, who is going on 5, has a bark that is much louder than her size. Except for that vocal part of her personality, our Chihuahuas (one which is not pictured here) do not live up to their reputation as mean ankle biters who only love one owner. They adore both of us and anyone who comes to visit and give them any type of attention and love.

Their size varies as much as their personalities. Teena is a brindle colored girl, very long lean legs, sweet loving personality and loves to be cradled like a baby. Unfortunately, aside from some unnecessary barking, we have issues with feedings. Her name is probably in Websters under the term “finicky”. She may weigh a whole 5 lbs. when wet, can go days without eating and then will ever every meal for the next few days. I wish I could follow her way of eating. I could be a skinny old lady “model.” She does love to beg although we never, ever give our dogs table foods (for obvious reasons)

Georgie on the other hand is a gorgeous boy, hardly ever barks, is all black except for a white chest. He is just like a baby and loves to be carried all the time. Although he is short and was described as a “teacup” when I got him, it would take a large teacup for him to fit in. He loves his meals and weighs between 5 and 6 lbs. He is our mini retriever because he could play for hours if you let him, tossing him his favorite toy. He will retrieve it and bring it back, unlike our golden retriever that we lost a few years back.

CeCe is our oldest Chihuahua (curently). She just turned 11 yrs. old a month ago. She has had a heart murmur as a young puppy and it has gotten worse in recent months. You can read my article about it at When we first saw CeCe I fell in love with her. I never saw a charcoal grey Chihuahua before. Had to have her. Her momma was tiny and tan, about 3 lbs. but daddy was black and a big boy of about 10 lbs. CeCe battles with weight all the time, weighing in at 12 – 13 lbs. She is happy and healthy though we hate when she has bouts of coughing due to her heart murmur.

Our dogs fill our lives and when we lost our home and had to move, there was not way we could move on without them. Pets do complete our lives!

Two of the "good witches" at Halloween

Oh God, do we have to dress up?!

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